Catherine: Full Body Is More Than Just a Remaster



By Esra Krabbe

Catherine: Full Body is much more than just a remaster of 2011’s puzzle adventure with some tweaks and additional scenario pieces here and there. With the addition of a third heroine character, producer Katsura Hashino and his team at Studio Zero did not just add her part, but fleshed out the original story to make her fit in more naturally. That means that fans of the original have a lot of new content to look forward to. “The new edition has 1.5 the content of the original game,” Hashino tells me.

Protagonist Vincent is a 32-year-old systems engineer salaryman, and is facing what is best described as a midlife crisis. His girlfriend Katherine’s period is late, and she wants Vincent to be more serious about their relationship. Vincent himself is not exactly a family man, and he is not sure how to cope with his girlfriend’s news. After work, he goes drinking at Stray Sheep, his favorite bar, and the next morning he wakes up with a gorgeous blonde bombshell beside him by the name of Catherine. She becomes Vincent’s secret lover, but Catherine doesn’t know that Vincent already has a steady girlfriend. That means that he not only has to keep Catherine a secret to Katherine, but also the other way around. Eventually, Vincent (and therefore the player) has to choose which of the two is his true love.

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Source:: IGN – PS4


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