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GTA Online Brings Back an Updated Sumo Mode



By Jon Ryan

This week, GTA Online is pitting players head to head. Well, I suppose more literally it would be hood to hood. Or hood to trunk. Or Trunk to side? Anyways, the point is that Rockstar is bringing back the year-two adversary mode Sumo.

The original mode featured a variety of sedans, muscle cars and off-road vehicles vying for control of terrain – usually a small island or the roof of a skyscraper – and would end either when all of a teams opponents had been knocked off, or someone could no longer fit inside the shinking final circle. Sumo Remix, on the other hand, has its own custom stunt arenas and a constantly-changing, ever-shrinking safe zone. While the original was a free-for-all demolition derby that eventually came down to a shrinking circle, Sumo Remix has everyone scrambling to get inside a new safe zone every 30 seconds.Each safe zone gets progressively smaller, so you’ll need to fight aggressively as a team to ensure you get a spot inside the zone and keep your opponents out. Parts of the map will occasionally disappear as well, so you’ll need to use caution when traveling between the zones.

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Source:: IGN – PS4


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