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Hands-On With the First Four Chapters of Call of Cthulhu



By Lucy O’Brien

Call of Cthulhu, Cyanide Studios’ RPG investigation game based on the pen and paper game of the same name, based on the HP Lovecraft short story of the same name, aims to emulate the rules of the former and the mood of the latter. Its first four chapters make good on the promise of an atmospheric, slow-moving horror experience that feels rooted in Lovecraft’s world, but I’m still wondering just how much your decision making affects its outcomes.

Call of Cthulhu puts you in the shoes of private investigator Edward Pierce, a grizzled veteran hustling for a struggling business out of his lived-in New England office in 1919. I really loved the attention to detail here: old leather-bound books, yellowed newspaper clippings and dim lighting made me want to settle down in Pierce’s office with a cracked glass of whiskey, which is, incidentally, what Pierce does a lot.

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Source:: IGN – PS4


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