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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 2 Review



By Cassidee Moser

Halfway through the second episode of The Walking Dead’s final season, I found myself frustrated. I had been playing for about an hour but still struggled to care about any character other than Clementine or AJ, any actions I took, or any dialogue choice I was presented with. It all felt hollow and lifeless, a formulaic Mad Libs-esque construction in which story elements were strung together in a repetitive, predictable sequence. If anything can be said for Episode Two, it’s this: the seams of this series are showing, and they’re beginning to wear thin.

As in previous episodes and seasons of The Walking Dead, Clementine and her relationship with AJ continues to be the strongest and most compelling part of the story. After dealing with a particularly traumatic incident at the end of the previous episode, Clementine is left to put the pieces back together and teach AJ more difficult lessons about the subtleties and nuances of life from a time when manners and niceties were socially relevant.

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Source:: IGN – PS4


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