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Devil May Cry 5: How a Motorbike Chainsaw Sword Holds the Key to Tradition



By Daniel Krupa

Here’s Devil May Cry 5’s in-game description of the Cavaliere, an actual weapon Dante is able to wield.

(I haven’t made this up.)

“Cavaliere – a motorcycle fused with a demon that splits in two to be wielded as twin swords.”

When equipped, Dante dons two motorbike chassis as if they were chrome boxing gloves. While the description above may say sword, chainsaw is far more accurate. As a combo escalates, the two halves fuse together to form a rideable bike, allowing Dante to power-slide his way through demons. It’s gloriously absurd, as you’d imagine, and stupidly fun to use.

But there’s more to the Cavaliere than you might think. Behind its ostentatious design lies the essence of how Capcom is navigating its return to the series (the last instalment was produced in 2013 by British studio Ninja Theory) and particularly the character of Dante.

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Source:: IGN – PS4


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