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Telltale’s Underappreciated Contribution to Games



By Ryan McCaffrey

Adventure games are some of my all-time favorites. I was more of a LucasArts guy than a Sierra guy, but both studios made incredible stuff in the late ‘80s through the ‘90s: The Monkey Island series, Space Quest, Sam & Max, King’s Quest, Full Throttle, etc. They were smart and, in an era where video games had never been thought of as comedies before,often funny. They were also successful by any and all metrics.

Until they weren’t.

As gaming moved into the third dimension, adventure games, by and large, didn’t come along for the ride. And so they were left behind, with layers of dust gathering on them. They were forgotten, seemingly bound to a specific time and place in the industry’s history. That is, until Telltale came along.

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Source:: IGN – PS4


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